Corporate Insurance

Fire & Perils Insurance:

Covering fire & lightning (as well as the option of several other perils e.g. burglary, lightning, storm, wet perils’). This is applicable for corporate entities including factories, warehouses, and offices’ for their contents (machinery, furniture, various stocks and buildings).

Property All Risks Insurance:

Covering factories, buildings and contents against accidental and physical damages. It can also be extended to cover the insured’s liability towards third party and neighbors.

Loss Of Profit Insurance (Also Called Business Interruption):

Insurance covering the loss of revenue that is blocked due to the occurrence of an accident (insured under a Fire or Property All Risks policy).

Burglary Insurance:

Covering theft of property following violent and forcible entry/exit in or out of the premises.

Retailer Multi-Cover Insurance:

Giving you a comprehensive insurance package for small to medium-sized commercial, retail and industrial clients with broad financial protection against a variety of risks.

Office Comprehensive Insurance:

An insurance designed to underwrite a combination of several (minimum 3) covers for an office in one policy (Fire/Property All Risks, Loss of Profit, Money, Fidelity Guarantee, Workmen Compensation, Third Party Liability & Burglary).

For commercial & private vehicles belonging to one single company, the Motor Fleet would be accounted under one single insurance Policy unifying the Policy Terms & Conditions in a cost-effective manner. For Private individuals who own over 5 vehicles, this can also be underwritten in the same manner.

Workmen’s Compensation Insurance:

Covers the legal liability of the employer against death or injuries to the employees which they may sustain during work-related accidents. This also covers payable wages (for the relevant sick leave).

Money Insurance:

To cover loss of money (belonging to a company) whilst in transit or in the office (in a drawer or safe) by theft or employee negligence.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance:

To cover the dishonesty or fraud of employees against loss of the insured’s money or goods of the company.

Group Personal Accident Insurance:

Covering individuals against death/injuries/disabilities caused by accident. The compensation will be in accordance with the Sum Insured and as per the continental scale in case of disability, with extension to Medical and Repatriation Expenses.

General Third Party Insurance:

Covering the insured against any bodily injury or property damage resulting from their activities (at their premises or in the sites where they operate).

Plate Glass Insurance:

This policy is to indemnify the insured for the loss or damage of the specified glass, sign board and frame as a result of accidental breakage.

Contractor’s All Risks:

Covering accidental damage (of workmen’s negligence or any insured peril) to the property under construction, as well as the temporary facilities and construction plant & machinery/equipment used at the construction site.

Contractors Plant & Equipment Insurance:

Insurance to cover machinery and/or equipment for damage due to sudden and unforeseen accident whilst in operation. Third Party Insurance could also be enforced to cover any damages caused by the insured machine. Insurance to be based on New Replacement Value.

Erection All Risks Insurance:

This Policy offers comprehensive and adequate protection against all the site risks involved in the erection of machinery and plant – including testing and commissioning.

Machinery All Risks Insurance:

Covering expensive plant, machinery and mechanical equipment. It is important for everyone who operates machinery, i.e. not only for large industrial enterprises using large units or fully automated production plants but above all for medium-sized and small enterprises where machinery failure may have serious financial and economic consequences.

Machinery Breakdown And Boiler’s Insurance:

This is an insurance for machines or boilers that covers unforeseen and sudden physical loss of or damage to the insured items.

Loss Of Profit Due To Machinery Breakdown:

Insurance designed to indemnify the Insured against trading loss which invariability follows machinery damage due to the reduction or complete stoppage of production.

Electronic Equipment Insurance:

Electronic equipment insurance is essentially an “accident insurance” on all “all risks” basis for electronic equipment. It covers losses which arise suddenly and unforeseeably and materially affect the subject matter insured, necessitating repair or replacement. Subject matter insured can be Material Damage, Loss or Damage to Data Media & Consequential Loss.

Deterioration Of Stock Insurance:

Insurance for those who want to insure themselves against deterioration of goods placed in cold storage, which might arise due to a breakdown of refrigerating machinery.

Marine Cargo Insurance:

Covering cargo whilst being transported (whether by sea, land or air). The purpose is to provide indemnity to the owner of goods lost or damaged in transit.

Marine Hull Insurance:

Covering the own damage of a vessel (including equipment and machinery of commercial vessels). It can also cover liability & indemnity towards third parties and personal accident to crew &/or passengers with an extension to Personal Effects.

Marine Goods In Transit Insurance:

Covering loss or damage caused by fire, collision, overturning, derailment and others of the same nature, whilst the interest insured is being conveyed by Motor Truck, Ferry or Rail.


Covering the hull (the airplane itself whether private or commercial) as well as the liabilities to passengers and others.

Protection & Indemnity:

Liability insurance that covers shipowner’s liability for main exposures they may face in today’s shipping, including, but not limited to Cargo, Crew, Passenger, Collision, Pollution, Wreck Removal, etc.